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近年,danielstoner宣布了风度翩翩篇题为13 reasons why Ruby, Python and the gangwill push Java to die… of oldage的小说。文中小编的理念是:近些日子这几个XX语言都不足以威迫到Java,Java真正的危急不

近年,danielstoner宣布了风度翩翩篇题为13 reasons why Ruby, Python and the gang will push Java to die… of old age的小说。文中小编的理念是:近些日子这几个XX语言都不足以威迫到Java,Java真正的危急不是根源外界,而是其本人。小编通过罗列部分数额并开展解析得到了拾一个理由来帮衬自身的下结论。 首先,笔者从TIOBE上宣布的二〇〇八年三月语言排名的榜单的多寡获得三个风趣的谜底:引用What I find significant here is the huge share the “C like syntax” languages have.C (15.292卡塔尔国 + C++ (10.484卡塔尔(قطر‎ + Java (20.176卡塔尔国 + C# (3.963卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) = 49.915%This means 4 languages get half of all the attention on the web.If we add PHP (10.637卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) here (somehow uses a similar syntax卡塔尔 we get 60.559% 可以预知,“类C”语言占统治地位。由此作者获得第叁个理由:引用Reason number 1: Syntax is very important because it builds on previous knowledge. Also similar syntax means similar concepts. Programmers have to make less effort to learn the new syntax, can reuse the old concepts and thus they can concentrate on understanding the new concepts. 大家再来看看那些“挑衅者”所占的占有率:引用Python (4.613卡塔尔(قطر‎ + Ruby (2.851卡塔尔(قطر‎ + Lisp/Scheme (0.449卡塔尔 + Lua (0.393卡塔尔国 + SmallTalk (0.138卡塔尔国 +Haskell (0.137卡塔尔(قطر‎ + Groovy (0.131卡塔尔 + Erlang (0.110卡塔尔(قطر‎ + Caml (0.090卡塔尔国 + Scala (0.073卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) = 8.985% 它们被关切度的总额都还未超过Visual Basic所占的百分比:10.782%。作者归结出第二个原因:援用Reason number 2: Too much noise is distracting. Programmers are busy and learning 10 languages to the level where they can evaluate them and make an educated decision is too much effort. The fact that most of these languages have a different syntax and introduce different (sometimes radically different卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) concepts doesn’t help either. 然后,小编深入分析了近几年来种种主流语言被关切程度的动向 从图中能够看看,这一个变化趋向从全体上看都相比较平稳。并不曾现身“语言爆发户”,也不曾现身“大器晚成夜暴亡”的。那正是作者的第多少个理由:援引Reason number 3: Lack of pressure on the programmers to switch. The market is pretty stable, the existing languages work pretty well and the management doesn’t push programmers to learn new languages. 然后,小编解析了另叁个有关编制程序语言流行水平的网址上提交的片段数量。 首先,小编从Freshmeat.net与谷歌Code上行使各个语言建设布局项目数量的拿到:援用Reason number 4: Challenger languages don’t seem to catch momentum in order to create an avalanche of new projects started with them. This can be again due to the fact that they spread thin when they are evaluated. They are too many. 余下的就不意气风发一表明了,直接列举之:援引Reason number 5: Challenger languages communities don’t do a good job at attracting programmers from established languages. Telling to somebody why she is wrong will most likely create a counter reaction not interest.Reason number 6: There is no great incentive to switch to one of the challenger languages since gaining this skill is not likely to translate into income in the near future.Reason number 7: The new languages don’t introduce an earth shattering improvement in the life of most of the programmers and projects.Reason number 8: There is no killer application on the horizon. This means new languages compete in old markets with established players.Reason number 9: None of these new languages has a powerful sponsor with the will and the money to push them on the market. Powerful sponsor translates in investment in the libraries - see Java. All these new languages are born in universities and research institutes or are coming from very specific niche domains.Reason number 10: Most of these languages lingered around too much without stepping decisively into the big arena. Reason number 11: “Features” that look and are dangerous for big projects. Since there are not a lot of big projects written in any of these languages it is hard to make an unbiased evaluation. But bias is in the end a real obstacle for their adoption.Reason number 12: Unnatural concepts (for majority of programmers卡塔尔国 raise the entry level. Functional languages make you write code like mathematical equations. But how many people actually love math so much to write everything in it? Object oriented languages provide a great advantage: they let programmers think about the domain they want to model, not about the language or the machine.Reason number 13: Lack of advanced tools for development and refactoring cripple the programmer and the development teams when faced with big amounts of lines of code. 笔者还对三种以“Java挑战者”姿态现身的语言进行领会析:援用For scripting Python has potential, huge potential. But it has to do something about the indentation fetish to be able penetrate the big project market. Without that the web looks PHPish.Ruby is elegant but alien. I saw its syntax described like “the bastard son of Perl” (just google it卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar). Its new popularity is based not on the language itself but on a framework (Rails卡塔尔国 that can be reproduced in other languages even if with less elegance. Struts 2 attempts just that.Scripting languages (Groovy, Rhino…卡塔尔(قطر‎ on top of Java and the JVM are interesting but they will never be primadonnas. They cannot compete with Java because they are slower. They can be useful when scripting a Java application is a desirable feature (VBA is an excellent tool for Microsoft products and other Windows products and it pushed Visual Basic up the scale卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar).Scala has a lot of good cards. Building on the JVM, familiar syntax, huge inherited library, can be as fast as Java on the JVM… But where is the sponsor and where is the killer application in a shifting market? 最后,小编提出:援用The danger for Java doesn’t come from outside. None of these new (actually most of them are pretty old卡塔尔 languages have the potential to displace Java.The danger for Java comes from inside and it is caused by too many “features” making their way into the language and transforming if from a language that wanted to keep only the essential features of C++ into a trash box for features and concepts from all languages.

手提式无线电话机开垦潮已经到来,八月语言风云榜。TIOBE开辟语言排行的榜单参照他事他说加以考察资深开采者、开荒供货商等人提出的计量方法,从二〇〇一年启幕,各样月从广泛寻觅引擎中,总结出不相同开采语言的流行指数,并公布排行。 下边是前20强: 下边是第21名到第50名:

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JRuby 1.1.2于近期颁发,该版本首要改过一些宽容性难题以致压实品质。在那后的多少个月初,JRuby的将会频仍发表部分小本子,大约3到4个星期公布三个。 该版本主要改良包含: - Startup time drastically reduced - YAML symbol parsing 100x faster - Performance, threading, and stack depth improvements for method calls - Fixed several nested backref problems - Fixed bad data race (JRUBY-2483卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) - Gazillions of bigdecimal issues fixed (all?卡塔尔 - 95 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1.1

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